Advanced Dementia Centre to Take Care of Your Loved Ones

palliative care for advanced dementia,Mumbai

There is a disease which is much known now a days and called Dementia, but of the most are still unaware about it. Let us first explain you what exactly it is. Dementia is not a specific illness but a group of symptoms that are triggered by any number of neurocognitive ailments. One of the most common ailment is Alzheimer, and other common diseases involve Lewy body disease, front temporal dementia and vascular dementia.

We at palliative care for advanced dementia understand that it can be pretty stressful to deal with a friend or a relative who is going through this. It becomes all the more important for us to plan ahead of time and decide about the advanced care of the dementia patient. You should keep the below mentioned points in mind, while deciding the same:

  • How would you like to take care of your loved one’s in the final months of their life
  • Where would you want them to be cared at, home, hospice or hospital
  • Would you like to be there personally or the healthcare professionals are best for them

Taking these factors into consideration will make your decision easy.

Practical Issues
Staying with a patient suffering from Dementia can be very difficult and sometimes it becomes all the more unbearable to see your loved ones in such a state. It is always good for them to be sent in palliative care for advanced dementia because at the care centres they will not only be treated medically but will also be supported morally and emotionally.

Life sustaining decisions
At our centre for palliative care and dementia Mumbai, we find it better to discuss about the treatment about your loved ones with you to make you fully understand about the treatment and some circumstances, depending on the health of the patients. Life-sustaining treatment may include:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Ventilation
  • Antibiotics

The doctors, social workers, psychologists and other healthcare professionals at our palliative care and dementia Mumbai centre aims to provide the best care to your loved ones and alongside this ensures that they feel home like comfort in our care centre.

Support to families and friends
Not only we help the patients live a quality life, but we also help friends and families in coming to the terms with the forthcoming loss of someone they love so dearly. You are always welcome to our centre to talk about your apprehensions with our healthcare professionals.

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