The New Concept of Palliative Care is all you need for your Loved Ones

Palliative care is becoming very popular term in the healthcare industry these days. The Palliative care term refers to a dedicated health care of people who are suffering from life-threating illness which aims to provide quality of life and support families and carers during progressive illness and lingers after death.

Widely known as comfort care, Palliative care focusses not on death but on empathetic dedicated care for the living. A holistic palliative care program not just aims to heal the patients by medication but also take care of their mental and emotional needs.

At our centre for palliative care in Mumbai, we aim to make your loved ones feel in control of their treatment alongside this, we support in improving the quality of their life. This type of care involves family and friends, who are not only supposed to look after the ill relative or friend but also need to be prepared for the death of someone they love.

IAHPC considers that each developing nation should be stimulated and empowered to develop its own system of nursing care, suitable to the needs of the home-grown patients and the accessible resources, taking benefit of the familiarity and proficiency accumulated in developed countries, and not be anticipated to copy systems more appropriate to affluent countries.

In the Indian context, the growth of community-based resources, comprising the preparation of primary care physicians, communal health workers and related others in nursing care facilities are immediately required.

Palliative care may take place at home, in a hospice or in hospital. Services available to the person and their family include:

  • Nursing
  • Consultancy to the person’s doctor
  • Day care
  • Diet advice
  • Loan of equipment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Counselling
  • Social worker services
  • Spiritual support
  • Pastoral care

Grief support – Palliative care personnel also provide help and support all through the grieving process.

Since medical requirements differ depending on the illness that is leading toward demise, specialized palliative care plans exist for common situations such as cancer and AIDS. Dedicated caregiving is also required if changes in the brain lead to coma or dementia.

Our nursing care services in Mumbai are recognized as the best medical specialty centre, for the best in class services provided by our health care-givers. The process of palliative care begins when disease is diagnosed, and continues irrespective of whether or not a patient receives treatment directed at the disease. There also exists numerous support services, teaching and tutoring programs, respite services and resource centres delivered for carers.

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